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  • Learn how to use effective methods you won’t see in any other course
  • Accelerate your healing process
  • Use it alone or supercharge your favorite healing modality
  • Enhance energy levels
  • Increase protection from negative forces
  • Discover & find out how to resolve common blocks to healing
  • Great for personal and professional use

Special Features

  • Work at your own pace
  • Lifetime access
  • Ongoing support from us in the community on the course webpage
  • 30 videos plus a pdf study guide for each module
  • Bonus materials:
    • 2 recorded Q&A calls
    • Copy of our ebook “Dowse Your Way To Health”
    • Our 32-page report on health effects of environmental energies
    • Our ebooklet “Blueprint for a Better You”

What People Are Saying About Accelerated Healing Content…

“I just had to say thank you for this… Wow! You guys are awesome to share this. You have really valuable information (& pertinent information that is not really mentioned or covered in the healing arena) that is important to share. Loved it!”

“I know it will very much assist me in my healing business both for myself and my clients.”

“Love the accelerated healing video…thanks so much for being so supportive.”

“I also wanted to say thank you for this wonderful information in the webinar. It is very helpful.
Thank you!”

“Thank you! Finally I understand why I never heal despite 30 yrs of searching and trying every therapy.
I also know I am a wounded healer and I want to heal myself and others.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your information.”

“I certainly found the colour therapy for EM useful (as a Senzar student), and spirit-out-of-body + energetic
boundaries explained as concepts was the first time I came across, despite previous experience. It amazes me that simple yet logical issues are not much talked, let alone taught.”

How Our Courses Are Unique

Nigel & Maggie Percy, your coachesWhat’s missing in other courses is mentoring. Not only do our courses have top quality content; we hold your hand every step of the way after giving you lifetime access for one low fee.

Free ongoing assistance. It’s priceless, and it’s what makes our courses unique.

Course Content: Unique, Powerful & Effective

Module 1: How Healing Gets Stuck

Module 2: Intention & How To Use It

Module 3: Aligning Energy With Health

  • Spirit Out Of Body
  • EM Field
  • Boundary Issues
  • Empathy Problems
  • Giving Your Power Away
  • Mis-Use Of Creative Energy

Module 4: Subconscious Blocks & How To Clear Them

Module 5: Energetic Causes Of Physical Problems

Module 6: Physical Choices & Health

Module 7: Weird Stuff

  • Past Lives
  • Entities
  • Alien Energies
  • Environmental Energies
  • Curses

Module 8: The Challenge Of Healing Spiritual, Sensitive People

Module 9: Enjoying The Journey

Module 10: For Amateur & Professional Healers

guaranteeYour satisfaction is important to us. We’re so sure you’ll love this course and recognize its value that we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If after diving into the course material, you are unsatisfied for any reason, just contact us for a full and gracious refund.

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