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This Course Is For You If...

  • You want to learn to dowse accurately
  • You wish to have more confidence in your dowsing
  • You want proper training from experts
  • You want to discover more ways you can use dowsing

Benefits For You...

  • Become an accurate dowser
  • Gain increased confidence in your dowsing
  • Discover new ways to use dowsing
  • Take the guesswork out of your life with dowsing

This Course...

  • Is online
  • Has lifetime access
  • Has ongoing help
  • Contains videos and pdf study guides
  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee
I have been using dowsing for years however the accuracy and the areas for using it widen so much since I met you both. The way you teach and explain makes the dowsing a real art. Quite an eye opener!! Since I have joined you the accuracy of the answers is unbelievable high. The way of using the body as a pendulum is quite a treat and I look forward for more great stuff to learn from you.
Thank you for everything!

I was introduced to dowsing in 1994, but have never used it to the extent I realize from you that I can. So I am putting my new found knowledge into practice and dowsing on a much deeper level than ever before.   The answers are amazingly correct using your teachings.  Thank you so much!


How Our Courses Are Unique

What’s missing in other courses is mentoring. Not only do our courses have top quality content; we hold your hand every step of the way after giving you lifetime access for one low fee.

Free ongoing assistance. It’s priceless, and it’s what makes our courses unique.

Everyone Who Dowses Wants To Be Accurate…Or At Least More Accurate!

But the problem is, how do you improve your accuracy? What are the best things to do? And how do you know what they are and whether they are working?

All good questions and all of them answered in this course.

Most people learn dowsing in a quick session which involves something about the pendulum (and maybe the L-rods), something about yes/no questions and then a quick experiment and away you go!

That’s like showing someone who wants to learn to play the piano all of the black keys but none of the white ones.

There is so much that’s missed out, and most of the time, dowsers never even know it’s missed.

So why listen to us?

Nigel & Maggie Percy, your coachesWe’re Nigel and Maggie Percy and we’ve been dowsing (using it professionally) for many years (about 30 between the two of us). We have worked with clients around the world and taught many, many classes both in person and online.

We’ve spoken about it, written about it (over a dozen books on dowsing on Amazon!) and we’ve organized events about it (Dowsing World Summits 3 years in succession).

We have one of the biggest websites devoted solely to dowsing on the planet (discoveringdowsing.com), a YouTube channel about dowsing (Discovering Dowsing), as well as a consulting business based on dowsing (sixthsenseconsulting.com).

We’re committed to spreading the word about it. And we’ve been in love with dowsing for what seems sometimes like forever!

And, out of all those years, all that experience, all the times we’ve spoken with others, we’ve learned one hugely important fact. And it’s this…

Most of the time, dowsing is taught really badly

Bad techniques, bad ideas, no clues as to how to use dowsing outside the class, no clues as to what not to use dowsing on. The list goes on and on. And, the truly sad part of it all is that most dowsers aren’t even aware of what they are missing out on. How could they be aware, if they’ve never been taught properly?

That’s why, in this course, you’ll find several things which nobody else mentions but which we know are essential if you are going to be good at dowsing, no matter what level you want to take it to.

For example, have you ever heard of the dowsing state? Probably not. It’s absolutely vital, but nobody bothers to explain it properly. And that’s just one of the vital elements we’ll be sharing with you.

You will get better at dowsing by taking this course. You’re bound to (assuming you actually do the things we suggest!), because we have taken great care in putting in everything that’s important and leaving out everything that’s not.

But don’t take our word for it!

Try this course for yourself. We’re so confident that it’s better than any other course which teaches dowsing that we’re giving you 30 days to make up your mind. If you want your money back in that period, we’ll happily do it, no questions asked.

But we’re also confident that you’ll love it and that you will improve your dowsing accuracy because of it!

Join us to take your dowsing to the next level and see how much more you can do with it!

Click the button below to get started with the videos and the pdf’s and the ongoing support that we give you.

guaranteeWe’re so sure you’ll love our course that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you enroll in our course and use it for up to 30 days and still aren’t satisfied it’s the best course of its type online, you may ask for a refund, and we will graciously refund the purchase price.

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